“I had the opportunity to attend a one-day bereavement group in August hosted by East End Hospice, Marisa, and the wonderful team of light workers. Spirit's Promise is truly a magical place where I experienced healing, compassion, and love for the animals and each other. Thank you!”

 Rosanne Caruso Yackel
September 9, 2017

“This rescue farm is a beautiful home to many animals who have had traumatic events in their lives. The staff was professional and kind, and we had the pleasure of a tour from Cindy who is clearly empathic to the needs of these majestic animals and their positive impact as therapy animals to children and adults in need of this unique form of emotional support.”

 Lisa Lopez Haggerty
July 17, 2017


Spirit’s Promise welcomes East End Hospice to participate in our Bereavement Program through our “Promise of a New Spirit Rehabilitation Program.” Equine therapy is one of the best forms of grief counseling there is, as it removes the formality of a therapist’s office and encourages people to get hands-on and interact with other people and horses. We provide a service to children, youth, teens, and adults who have experienced a death, or anticipate a death, or have experienced other types of trauma.