“I had the opportunity to attend a one-day bereavement group in August hosted by East End Hospice, Marisa, and the wonderful team of light workers. Spirit's Promise is truly a magical place where I experienced healing, compassion, and love for the animals and each other. Thank you!”

 Rosanne Caruso Yackel
September 9, 2017

“This rescue farm is a beautiful home to many animals who have had traumatic events in their lives. The staff was professional and kind, and we had the pleasure of a tour from Cindy who is clearly empathic to the needs of these majestic animals and their positive impact as therapy animals to children and adults in need of this unique form of emotional support.”

 Lisa Lopez Haggerty
July 17, 2017

Support Program for Grief and Loss associated with Addiction

Have you lost a family member to Addiction? Or are you currently supporting a family member who is struggling with Addiction?

This program consists of two tracks (one for each of the above-mentioned challenges). Groups are co-led by Equine Support Staff, as well as Licensed Clinical Professionals (LCSW, CASAC, and LCAT) in the field of Addiction and Recovery. All group facilitators have extensive clinical experience working with trauma, addiction, and loss.
Our mission is to support bereaved family members, or family members supporting addicted loved ones, as they navigate the unique challenges faced by love and loss in the face of addiction. We believe that recovery can be found in the process of experiential methods, like Equine Assisted support. All horses at Spirit’s Promise are rescued animals, paralleling the theme of post traumatic growth, and strength from adversity.

Groups run on a weekly basis, for 6-week cycles, and are coordinated throughout the year, based on a careful screening and placement process.

Anyone interested must register by emailing sherry@spiritspromiserescue.org. Please contact us, if you have questions or would like to join an upcoming program cycle.  Provide your phone number, so one of our staff can then reach out to you.

Sessions are customized to meet the specific goals and needs of the group or individual.  For more information about our therapy programs, please contact us.