Alhambra came to us as a 22-year-old Paso Fino. Paso Fino means fine ride in Spanish. Her name also in Spanish translates in English to “hive” or “fortress” which holds true, because she is so tough and strong and does not take any shenanigans. She came to us because her owner, at a lesson barn in Suffolk County, abandoned her. The lesson barn then took her out of her stall where she was earning them money, and put her in a paddock outside and left her there for 5 years. They finally came to their senses and decided that this was not fair to do this to her any longer so they called us at Spirit’s Promise. She came to us with a host of problems. Alhambra has Cushing’s disease (diabetes in horses). Her levels were so incredibly high that we had to put her on extremely high doses of an expensive drug, Pergolide. It turns out her hair was so thick because of the Cushing’s, it hid her fragile ribs beneath. We fattened her up with soaked beet pulp and soaked timothy cubes (no molasses). Since then she is bright eyed and has gained weight.

We have so much respect for her because she trusts us to do the right thing. She is mainly independent and does not want to invest her time in forming new relationships. I think it is because her heart was broken when she was abandoned. She takes care of herself in the herd and is on the outskirts most of the time. The other horses know not to bother her. Alhambra will live out her life here at Spirit’s Promise. We constantly learn from her especially where on her butt she likes to be rubbed.



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