Babs is our very affectionate black and white donkey. She is the official greeter of Spirits Promise, she is always the first one to greet new people and welcome them to our rescue.

Babs is great with children because she is small in stature compared to the horses and is the sweetest animal ever. Babs came from a woman on Long Island who had too many animals and no longer had the means to care for them all. We knew we wanted to help Babs as soon as we met her because of who she was, an old lady stuck in a donkeys body. We affectionately call her a “yenta” because of how nosey she is and how she always follows you around like she’s trying to talk to you or get your attention. It’s like she wants to talk about the latest gossip around the farm, or ask if you’re eating all of your vegetables.

Her best friends are Izzy and Roxy, our little Sicilian donkeys. Before we rescued Babs they were painfully shy and terrified of people. We had them for about 5 years and they would never let us pet them, let alone permit us trim their feet, wash their bodies or groom them. When Babs came along it was like she finally knew she was a donkey. Izzy and Roxy instantly took to her and welcomed her with open arms. Now they are a little donkey trio that travels everywhere together and Izzy and Roxy are much friendlier now thanks to Babs. She has taught them that not all people are bad. Babs is slightly bigger than Izzy and Roxy so she protects them and makes sure that the much bigger horses don’t push them around. The donkeys aren’t fed everyday because they are very prone to gaining weight so we only need to feed them grain in the winter. During the other seasons they munch on hay all day and that’s plenty for their bellies. That doesn’t stop Babs from eating the horses breakfast though! Each morning she makes her rounds and takes a bite of each horses food. Some of the horses are generous and are totally willing to share a couple mouthfuls with her, while other horses are not generous at all and pay her back with a big bite to the butt. It doesn’t bother her at all though; she just keeps making her way down the line trying every hoses food.

Babs is a very special donkey and we hold her in a special place in the heart of Spirits Promise. We are very happy we were able to bring her back to life here where she has a forever home.

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