We have to write about “Big Mommie”and “Star-Luna” together, because they are inseparable. Big Mommie and Star were rescued from the slaughter lot together. Big Mommie and Star met at Camelot (an auction facility in New Jersey).

Big Mommie (pictured left) is a tattooed thoroughbred, a bombshell with thick legs and a strong body. Usually thoroughbreds are thinner for better speed and endurance. Big Mommie raced for many years under the name Trace winning many races then was used as a brood mare (a mare that is always pregnant) until her owners had no use for her anymore.

Big Mommie was subsequently sent to slaughter even after all she did for her owners. She was being brought to the trailer to be rescued when she started screaming for her new friend Star Luna. Star Luna (pictured right) raced as Luna Sea but was never fast enough and because of this was immediately sent to Camelot to be disposed of. They screamed for each other until they were both brought together and loaded safely on the trailer headed for Long Island instead of Mexico and Canada.

Horses are herd animals and they need each other even more than people do. They need each other because they depend on the herd for safety. Horses are prey animals not predators. People really do not understand how something so big can be so afraid.


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