I do have to say that these two minis are the sweetest horses. They are mother and son. Sweetie is 25 years old and her son, Christmas, is 20. They have never been apart in 20 years. They came to us from Kate at The Little Red Barn in Jamesport. They were two of the best minis she had for her camp. The kids would come and put barrettes and braids in their hair. These two were always going to the “beauty parlor”. It came to Kate’s attention that they were becoming a little too cranky for the kids handling them so much and that is when she called Spirit’s Promise.

Sweetie has cataract in her right eye and can see only light, and Christmas has a curve to his spine. Christmas wants the respect of the herd and leaves his mom from time to time. He then feels guilty and comes back to her. Sweetie enjoys her freedom and lets him wander with the herd. She keeps to herself, as some moms on a playground would behave. They have a forever home here at Spirit’s Promise. They also play an important roll in our “Promise of a New Spirit” equine therapy program. When our visitors come for equine therapy, some of them are afraid of the large animals. That’s where these two come in. They are little with a whole bunch of personality and they love people.



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