of the time and loves to stand in the sun. We rescued her from a gentleman that bought a new house and acquired her with the property. Not knowing very much about horses he contacted us and she quickly became part of the Spirits Promise family. Because of her old age we have to take certain precautions when caring for her. She cannot eat any hay for two reasons. One, the acidity in the hay is too strong for her stomach, and two she doesn’t have enough teeth in her mouth to chew it up. She also gets cold pretty easily so we always make sure she has some kind of blanket on in the winter months.

Dolly is quite the character. She does this strange trot when she first goes outside in the morning where she hops off the ground a little bit with each step she takes. It’s like she’s showing off to all the horses outside with her happy feet. Not only does she have a very unique trot but she also has an extremely distinctive call. We always say that she sounds just like an old lady laughing. Seeing her hop around the pasture here at Spirits Promise makes us so joyful because too often in this world horses do not get to grow old. We are so honored to be able to let Dolly live out the rest of her life here.



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