Elvis is our sweet “vanilla and chocolate” Paint Quarter Horse that we rescued from sanctuary in October of 2016. Elvis suffers from a fractured sesamoid, which is an important walnut shaped bone, (similar to our patella bone), that allows a horse proper movement of the foot and fetlock. Surrounded by ligaments, this area of a horse’s anatomy is a highly mechanical area and can lead to lameness or worse if not treated properly. Because of this injury, Elvis cannot be ridden but is a joy to use to demonstrate proper grooming. Due to his patient and kind nature, Elvis is an important part of our equine empowerment program.

Due to an injury when he was a baby, Elvis has one front tooth. However It does not stop him from eating his hay or grain. He and his best friend Zeus arrived here one week apart. We are happy they have found each other here at Spirit’s Promise as “best buds” and enjoy watching them “trot in tandem” as they never leave each others side.

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