Her name describes her perfectly. “Flirt” is our beautiful and spunky Appaloosa Bay Mare who we rescued in the summer of 2016. She grows a striking red winter coat that shimmers in the sun and you can’t help but notice her “bingo marker” sized polka dots and her vertical striped hooves which are indicative of her marvelous breed. Flirt knows she’s special and makes no bones about flaunting it, (especially when pursued by her handsome suitors Pirate and Sinatra).

Flirt initially led a charmed life, along with a neighbors horse as her pasture buddy, roaming and grazing on 29 bucolic farmland acres in Orient. Recently she suffered two traumatic losses. Her companion horse crossed over the rainbow in the summer of 2015 and in the spring of 2016 Flirt experienced the loss of her beloved owner of fifteen years, who passed away as a result of early onset Alzheimers.

Unfortunately, Flirt was not able to be financially supported or cared for by her owners family as they lived far away and had medical problems of their own. Horses are herd animals and need companions for survival and stress reduction. There was a concern about leaving Flirt alone for too long. Fortunately, a few loving community members worked diligently to get Flirt to the safe and caring arms of Spirits Promise where we integrated into her new “family” of equines and volunteers. We happily indulge her trademark sideways glance and “flirtatious” nature and are glad she has settled in to the routine of her new surroundings.

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