Joker is just that, a Joker. He is a stocky 22ish-year-old paint that loves getting into mischief. Joker is about 15 hands and is a beautiful red color with white Jackson Pollock paint blotches on him. He is the second horse that I ever owned. When Spirit got sick, I decided to get Joker because I was really enjoying my western pleasure riding. Joker was a cow pony in Pennsylvania for 10 years. He was then sent to a lesson barn to be used as a trail horse. Thank goodness I was there and saved him from that barn. He and I have had many adventures together on trail. I always got lost, and he always got me back to the barn.

He loves Diva and Diva loves him. It’s so beautiful to watch them run together. Spirit and Major (the Alpha horses) intimidate him a bit, but he does need to be put in his place from time to time. He bites all the buttons off my coats and steals my hats, but he has my heart. He loves to run with the mares. He snorts and his tail goes up thinking that he is the king of the hill. I was going to name him Red, but instead I went with the name Joker because that was the pi-ball horse my dad really loved to ride when he was a young man.

Joker has a very special place in my heart.


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