Major was sent to us in 2010. He is a retired police horse from Manhattan. Major was retired due to his hock which was injured during 9/11. Spirit’s Promise assumed all medical issues he had, once we adopted him. Major is a horse that has an unbelievable presence. He exudes bravery and discipline. During his years as a police horse, he policed Yankee Stadium and Ground Zero. He walked through the rubble keeping his mounted officer safe at all times. Major has an injured hock that is swollen and he finds it hard to walk on three legs. We at Spirit’s Promise are determined to give him the best life after what he has done for our City.

Major is what you would think a police horse would be. He likes things in order, and routine is really important to him. He is our resident watchdog. He checks out everyone that comes on the property.

Major and Mister Peanut are best friends. Major needs to boss someone around so he enjoys Mr. Peanut’s friendship. Sometimes Peanut is just a little pest. He wants to play, but Major is way to mature for that. He is always on the beat. We have nicknamed him the kindergarten cop because he just loves Christmas and Sweetie-Pie as well.


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