Mr. Peanut is a mini-horse who has a personality ten times bigger than he is. He is very smart and is an escape artist, as well. Kate, from “The Little Red Barn” in Jamesport, rescued him right off the truck headed for slaughter. She could not imagine why such a cute mini-horse was sent to slaughter. That reason would reveal itself later on.

The Little Red Barn is a lesson barn for little children who are taught to ride on minis. It is a no-pressure barn that lets young children flourish without all the pressure of a show barn. Kate soon found out that Mr. Peanut doesn’t like to ridden at all. Apparently, this was the reason he was disposed of by his original owners. It makes me so angry that instead of taking the time to teach him, his original owners decided to throw him away.

Kate called me and told me that she could not use him at her barn, but she felt he would be a great horse to teach grooming and wonderful for therapy for children at Spirit’s Promise. Bringing him to auction was not an option!

She loved him and needed to find him a home where he could be safe. He just doesn’t want a saddle on his back or anything else for that matter. I told her that Spirit’s Promise would take him right away. Minis are a big part of our therapy programs because they are smaller and, therefore, not as intimidating for some people as a full-sized horse.

Grooming Peanut and feeding him carrots is one of his favorite pastimes. He also has a sense of humor and he has a great friend in Major (our police horse). They’re a perfect match because Mr. Peanut (aka Joe Pesci) is very mischievous and smart, so Major has a job now…he keeps Mr. Peanut out of trouble (sort of). (Except for the time they got loose on the golf course!)



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