When I say Pirate’s name I immediately beam. He has such a beautiful inner beauty, as well as, an exterior one. I am so proud of how he is no longer fearful, and is learning how to trust again. When Pirate first came to us, he did not trust anyone, human or horse. He was a fringe horse in the herd. He didn’t have the confidence that he needed to be let in. Pirate was, originally, from a breeding farm in Washington State. The son of the owner of the quarter horse/mustang ranch he was raised on died suddenly in a tractor accident. Unfortunately, the owner wanted nothing to do with the horses because he blamed the ranch for his son’s death. Subsequently, he sent all of his horses to Canada for slaughter. Pirate, unfortunately, witnessed his whole herd being loaded onto a slaughter truck bound for Canada. First, they took all the Mares and their foals. I cannot imagine the screaming that went on between all the horses. When they came back for the stallions, a “meat man” with a conscious called a local rescue about Pirate. He told them that he was a beauty and very young, and someone should rescue him. Amaryllis farms rescued him from Washington State. They called me about him, and I agreed to take him.

When Pirate first came to us, he was really frightened. Now, after almost 5 years, he finally trusts us. We call him the, “Ambassador of New Comers.” He helps the new horses adjust and feel wanted in the herd. He is 10 years old now and is kind in a child-like manner. It was hard for him to find a friend because he came when the herd was already formed. Joker tried to always bite him, but Pirate was too fast. Now Pirate and Joker are best buds and live outside with each other.

Pirate was never “broken” (I hate this expression) and we decided to keep it this way. We felt that his spirit was so fragile, we didn’t want to hurt him anymore.

We had a friend come and work with him using natural horsemanship groundwork. He has responded very well to this kind approach. Pirate will live out his long life here at Spirit’s Promise and will continue to welcome all the newcomers with love and understanding.



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