Sinatra is one of the biggest horses we have personality included. He got his name because of his beautiful call which sounds like a cascading falsetto. He is a retired lesson horse from Thomas’ Riding School where he kept countless kids safe on his back for years. He is extremely vocal and always lets us know when he needs something. Especially when he is hungry and he wants food. He is completely head over heels in love with Lola who is a spunky mare that we have. The two of them walks side by side all day long together. Every now and then, they’ll get distracted by something, and separate. That’s when you’ll get to hear Sinatra’s stunning call across the pasture. He is so also incredibly gentle, particularly with children. He takes treats from their little hands so delicately. It really is sweet to watch. Sinatra is finally starting to be introduced to the rest of the herd and he seems to be getting along really well with the other horses. He used to be defined by the horses that were around him but he is beginning to come into his own horse at Spirits Promise.

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