We, here at Spirit’s Promise, have had the great fortune of rescuing these two wonderful horses from a backyard barn. Unfortunately, they could no longer care for them financially. Spirit’s Promise assumed all the financial responsibility for both. They are Skipper and Sky. Sky is a 16.2 hand black and white paint that is so beautiful he stops traffic. We refer to him from time to time as our cow horse. He has Navicular disease and this causes him a tremendous amount of heel pain. With the most wonderful vet and farrier, we are able to help Sky live out his life relatively pain free. He is the largest horse we have here at Spirit’s Promise. His favorite pastime is to spend time with his BFF, Skipper. His buddy, Skipper, is what we call, “A million-dollar” horse. He was in the barrel racing circuit in his younger years, and many young girls raced him around barrels with speed and accuracy. Skipper kept every one of his mounts safe and secure. He is, now, being rewarded for his good deeds and loyalty by living out his life retired and happy.

Both Sky and Skipper have beautiful dispositions. They love to be touched and fed cookies for hours. They both are two of our best teachers and healers for the cancer survivors who come to Spirit’s Promise for Equine Therapy. We are so happy we could help them so that they can help others.


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