Darla (pictured on right) came from a woman who could no long care for her. She was the only goat with several horses. She came to Spirit’s Promise with a donkey, Babs. Darla doesn’t think she’s a Goat however she thinks she’s a mini horse. She frolics and plays all day long with our mini horses in a large pasture.

Albert (left, above) came from a petting zoo that closed down. He is very sweet and loves to be brushed and given cookies. Albert protects his best friend Pam (the goat) and loves her very much. He has a huge personality and he likes to show us that he can open his paddock (gates) whenever he wants to, he is very intelligent.

Pam (left, below) came to us from a family in Lloyd Neck Harbor. She was a companion to a pony they no longer had. She desperately missed having a companion and when she arrived at Spirits Promise she was so happy once she noticed all the the horses around!

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