Zeus is, (as his Greek name implies) a “regal, mature male with a sturdy build”. At seventeen hands tall, Zeus is our largest horse and, while you may find his body size daunting, you’ll soon come to know that it is equaled only by his kind and gentle heart.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Zeus performed the important task of pulling wagons. Part Draft Horse, there’s no doubt his reliability and strength was an asset for the various and strenuous work needed to perform farm duties.

After years on the farm, the aging Zeus was sent to a lesson barn on Long Island and used to safely educate people learning the skills required for horseback riding. Soon however, this gentle giants strength was waning. He could no longer carry weight on his back from all the years of heavy work on the farm and one day dropped on his knees from exhaustion.

Spirit’s Promise didn’t hesitate to rescue this kind and loyal boy and aims to provide a safe and comfortable place for him in his retirement years along with his new friend Elvis. We respect Zeus for all the years of service he has contributed while supporting the farm owners and for safely teaching his “students” the joy of riding.




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