“I had the opportunity to attend a one-day bereavement group in August hosted by East End Hospice, Marisa, and the wonderful team of light workers. Spirit's Promise is truly a magical place where I experienced healing, compassion, and love for the animals and each other. Thank you!”

 Rosanne Caruso Yackel
September 9, 2017

“This rescue farm is a beautiful home to many animals who have had traumatic events in their lives. The staff was professional and kind, and we had the pleasure of a tour from Cindy who is clearly empathic to the needs of these majestic animals and their positive impact as therapy animals to children and adults in need of this unique form of emotional support.”

 Lisa Lopez Haggerty
July 17, 2017


Our equine therapy empowerment programs are designed to provide valuable learning experiences for all of our visitors. Whether you are interested in improving your leadership skills, creating a more cohesive group dynamic through team-building activities, or looking for support from a meaningful personal development workshop, Promise of a New Spirit offers fun and engaging learning experiences for people of all ages.

Through the immediate and unbiased feedback of our gentle, loving horses, participants can embark upon a journey of reflection and self-discovery.

What is Equine Therapy?

Our Promise of New Spirit Equine Therapy Programs utilize horses as co-facilitators and teachers in the learning process. Just as horses carry people on their backs, our workshops offer a supportive environment for those struggling with a variety of needs and concerns. Acting as a mirror, horses provide immediate feedback to human emotions and behaviors.